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Small Consumer RTF Quadcopter

First Multicopter - A Safe Consumer RTF Quadcopter

Blade 200QX a Rugged, High Performance, Brushless Micro Quadcopter

The Blade 200QX is the perfect second Quadcopter

Extreme stability and high performance can help you learn to fly like an Expert

Intermediate Quadcopters

ARF Flamewheel, RTF FPV Hubsan, and DJI Phantom

Pick A Second or Third Quadcopter Video

This is a great video for picking a useful camera carrying quadcopter

But first learn how to fly well with a small, safe RTF quadcopter as suggested above

Hoverthings Flip FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Camera Gimbal

Quadcopters Are the Most Important Civilian UAV

3DR Iris and TBS Discovery Pro

Carbon Fiber Tube H Dead Cat with Gimbaled GoPro and FPV

Big Quadcopters

Steadidrone Q4DX with 100KV U8 T-Motors and 28 inch Propellers

Tarot 650 frame $150.00 and can accomodate up to 17 inch propellers.

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