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Four In One ESC

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Four In One ESC

The Four In One ESC is a great option for Quadcopters, it has several advantages over individual ESCs.

FourInOneESC/Quattro4In1ESC.jpg FourInOneESC/30Amp4in1ESC2.jpg FourInOneESC/4In1ESCHub.jpg FourInOneESC/4in1ESCHub2.jpg FourInOneESC/HobbywingESCProgrammer.jpg
Calibration and Programming Below is for 20 and 25 AMP ESCs, 30 Amp is untested
For a PX4 or Pixhawk the receiver needs to be set to standard (not PPM-Sum) mode.

(Optional!) Four In One ESC Calibration using all at a time "Hub"

Program an APM Compatible Mode Using the all at a time "Throttle Hub"

Program an APM Compatible Mode Using the "Programming Card" and the "Hub"

Left Image = Factory Default Programming, Right 2 Images = APM Programming for 3 Cell Battery

FourInOneESC/HobbywingESCrogrammerDefault.png FourInOneESC/FourInOneESCProgramAPM2.jpg FourInOneESC/HobbywingESCrogrammer3.png

Connect the Four In One ESC to the Quadcopter

FourInOneESC/FlipQuattroESC.jpg FourInOneESC/QuadCopterXMotorDirectionAPM.jpg

Configure the Autopilot with the ESC

Special procedure for One at a time ESC programming through PX4 or Pixhawk

Preflight Test

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