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Blade 200 QX

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The Blade 200 QX is the ideal second Quadcopter

Several modes and extremely high performance can help you to quickly become an expert pilot.

The Blade 200 QX is great fun to fly and is rock stable indoors or out.

You will continue to fly the Blade 200 QX even after you master more expensive Multicopters.


The $230.00 Blade 200 QX Quadcopter is a BNF model and requires a Spektrum transmitter like the $160.00 DX6i here.


Blade 200 QX Unbox and Flight Test - Roswell Flight Test Crew

Blade 200 QX to Spektrum DX6i transmitter setup video

The 200 QX is a (Bind and Fly) Quadcopter

You will need to bind it to your Spektrum transmitter and set up the flight modes

Now the Blade 200 QX can even achieve full 3D Flight

With a firmware upgrade your Blade 200 QX can even fly upside down

You will need a $15.00 Multi Rotor Programmer and some 3D propellers

And you will need to download and unzip the instructions and firmware from Blade.

You can switch into or out of 3D modes by rebinding while holding the rudder right or left

The Phoenix Carbon Fiber (FPV) replacement frame for the Blade 200 QX

The popularity of the Blade 200QX has spawned a lot of aftermarket enhancements

This video shows you how to set up the Phoenix FPV frame with your 200 QX components

A Phoenix FPV 200 QX demonstrating it's ability to fly in a complex environment

The skill required to fly like this is not acquired quickly, take your time and have fun

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